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I sat with a couple of guys who's music careers seem to be headed in a direction without end. Their modern style of pop metal with melodic flow, smooth harmonies and heavy bombastic riffs, has plenty of classic metal undertones that appeals to fans both young and old.

Without End formed in June of 2014. Current members Alex Osip, guitars and backing vocals, and Gordon Michael, drums, met each other years ago in school and have been tight ever since. In November of 2014, Shayne Strem, guitar, met Alex through Alex's other band, Shutter. After just one session, Shayne became a full time member as his style and chops seemed to be a perfect fit.

Without End has played shows across south east Michigan where they have already started to amass a dedicated fan base, and will continue to keep tearing up the local scene. At the time of this posting, they are in the process of writing their first full length studio album, right on the heels of releasing their first 5 song EP entitled Revenge for the Fallen.

These guys are young, ambitious, and full of a talent that is sure to bring good things to the Motor Cities music scene as their career develops. Be sure to get out and experience the high energy impact of one of their shows!

Check out the interview:

Watch the full "Extended" interview with an extra 9 minutes of footage (41:41) here

Standard length interview (33:08):

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