I got screwed recently when I had the chance to sit with Ypsilanti based, punk rockers, Screw.

Formed in late summer of 2013, Screw is comprised of Tommy T, formerly of and founding member of 60 Second Crush and Down With Hatred on Vocals, HotRod Tusek, long time guitar shredder for The Nobodys, Elrod Adams,  known for his exceptional bass skills in such bands as Down With Hatred and Select4, and Nik Savage, founding member of Co.Dam and long time drummer for Cult Heroes.

 As this current project illustrates, they have taken their sound back to a more punky, energetic, almost soulfully sleazy approach, drawing from some of their favorite artists throughout the years. That list includes: Johnny Thunders, Rancid, Ramones, Social Distortion, Sex Pistols and others.

This band proudly hails Detroit as it's home town with the rich fabric of music that has affected so many for so long. So their mission is pretty simple... To put the Rock back in Rock n Roll once again!

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