The Luckouts - FEATURE

I lucked out recently when I had the chance to enter an eclectic studio with as much character as its occupants, The Luckouts. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with an over stimulating array of eye candy, the coolest collection of memorabilia, posters, nick knacks and collectibles. I may have to go back to do a feature on the studio itself.

The Luckouts formed in June of 2007 with Liz Scaris-"Ruiner" taking a stab at lead vocals for the first time. She had played Bass Guitar with The Ruiners for 8 years and has been influenced by such female musicians as Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, & Lita Ford. She wanted to give her song writing and vocals a try so she invited seasoned drummer Jim Faulkner and bassist Matt Harbison to join her. They played as a 3-piece and were writing songs when they met up with lead guitar player Gary Chechak in Sept 2008.  He brought his own style of song writing ability to the table along with guitar solos that they felt were priceless.

In April of 2011, Matt left the band. Soon after, on May 20, 2011 the Luckouts played their first show with new bassist Gretchen Domino. She too was a seasoned musician that played with such bands as Huntress, Spat and many others. Gretchen (aka Fancy Pants) has a signature style of playing.

In early 2013, Jim and Gary parted amicably to devote time to ongoing personal projects and new drummer Dan Durecki answered Liz's ad when searching for a replacement. Dan is a powerhouse drummer with some serious chops and has played with some notable Detroit icons such as Bootsey X & The Lovemasters, The Luddites, and Jill Jack to name but a few. This new, rocking 3-piece line up works well together and shows a definite chemistry between them.

As a perfect example of raw Detroit rock-n-roll, The Luckouts are a band not to be missed!

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