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Hugo Ferreira, front man and founder of Tantric, has an interesting story to be told. Born of Portuguese descent when his military father was stationed  in Africa, he moved to the States when very young. Playing piano for as long as he can remember, he has always been musically driven. It was this drive that compelled him to move to the Motor City fresh out of high school to pursue his passion. And that he did.

One project led to another and he found himself in a band called Merge, who happened to be managed by the same company that managed another band called Days Of The New (DOTN). Playing shows together, Hugo met the boys that would one day be available when it was time for DOTN to restructure. When that time came, Tantric was born.

Fast forward 15 years and 5 albums later, Leon had a chance to sit with Hugo and his latest line up consisting of Derek Isaacs, TJ Taylor and Scott Wilson, a couple of real stand up guys form the South, to talk about some history and the latest release, 37 Channels.

Helping give life to 37 Channels are an impressive list of players and friends, including Shooter Jennings, Leif Garrett, bluesy rhythm guitarist Kenny Olson (Kid Rock); Hinder singer Austin Winkler, Saving Abel guitarist Scott Bartlett, Uncle Kracker axeman Kevin McCreery, and drummer Greg Upchurch (3 Doors Down). But make no mistake. If Ferreira is the only original member, 37 Channels is still very much a Tantric record. “It’s always been my baby. I’m still the guy who co-founded the band back in Louisville,” Hugo explains. “I've had different incarnations throughout the years, and the sounds have changed with the different players, but this is the most “Tantric” Tantric record so far." 

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