Leon Carpenter

"Flip the Script!" The interviewer becomes the interviewee...

Leon Carpenter, founder of MotorCityMusicians.Com and host of MCM-TV was contacted recently by Sam McClain, founder of SamShowNation.Com and host of the "Just Talking With Sam" podcast. Sam had discovered MotorCityMusicians.Com and became interested in the story behind it.

He had the opportunity to sit with Leon and have a casual chat about who he is and what this new company is all about. They discussed the origins of the idea, where it currently stands, and what is planned for the future of this new and well received site. They even touched on Leon's "other" project...

Sam is a podcaster who speaks his mind on anything. With more than 200 of them under his belt, and a new one dropping every Sunday, he has had a myriad of guests on his show. Check out this podcast and more by visiting his site SamShowNation.Com and clicking on the podcast link at the top. Or, check them out on iTunes and Stitcher.

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