Welcome to MotorCityMusicians.Com, South East Michigan's premiere music industry community. It is a site designed to be a centralized place for all people involved in the music industry to find and exchange information. Whether you are an instrumentalist, a vocalist, a producer, an engineer, a club owner, event planner or just someone interested in being part of the scene. you've come to the right place.

This site is currently comprised of 3 valuable main areas:

  • A blog where we will feature artists, bands, clubs, recording studios, events and more.
  • A forum will allow you to connect with other people in the area to find and discuss the info you need in an array of topics.
  • A calendar of events will be available to post what is going on in the area.

We hope that you will become an involved member to help strengthen the music industry here the Motor City and the rest of South East Michigan!


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